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Creepy Clown Update: Clown Says He’s Harmless, “Clown Catcher” Vows Resolution

The other day a bizarre clown began stalking the English town of Northampton. This clown, though he posted he was harmless on his Facebook page, possesses an eerie resemblance to the murderous clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s It.

The Northampton clown has even sent in a letter to an English newspaper saying he has been dressing up as a clown since 1715. “My actual age is two hundred and ninety eight and I come out of hibernation every thirty years,” he told the paper. He’s also provided an interview to another newspaper, where he says that people are close to working out where he lives and his true identity. On what happens next, he says, “We’ll see how ‘It’ goes.”

The Northampton Clown Catcher

Authorities have yet to weigh in on the clown; however, someone calling himself the Official Clown Catcher has introduced himself with his own facebook page and a vow to locate the stalking clown of Northampton.

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