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Michigan Police Searching for Silver-Spandex-Wearing Bandit

A surveillance camera image of the suspect.

A surveillance camera image of the suspect.

Police in Michigan are reaching out to the public for information about a suspect in connection with a series of home invasions, burglarie,s and larcenies in automobiles in Macomb County. They say the guy is committing these crimes while wearing a silver bodysuit. Thankfully, he does not seem to be carrying a mirrored disco ball or a ray gun.

According to police the home invasions took place in Bruce, Armada, Richmond and Ray townships. Surveillance video obtained by police from one of the robber’s victims shows a white male in a silver spandex bodysuit at the scene of the crime.

If apprehended the suspect could face as many as 20 years in prison for each offense.

Anyone with information about him should call police at (248) 584-5740.

Police have already hauled in the usual suspects including the Silver Surfer, the Tin Man and C-3PO, who was questioned and released after it was determined that he did not fit the profile.

Silver Surfer aka Norrin Rad

Silver Surfer

The Tin Man

Tin Man



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