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Green River Killer Gary Ridgway Wants to Take a Walk to Locate Additional Victims

In the 1980s bodies of women started turning up in Washington state’s Green River. The hunt for the killer eluded authorities for years until 2001, when DNA evidence pinned the murders on truck painter Gary Ridgway. The case evolved into the most deadly serial killer in US history.

Ridgway pleaded guilty to 49 murders and is serving 49 life sentences.

Ridgway has been famously silent about details of the murders. Until now. Seattle news radio station KOMO reporter Charlie Harger has recorded a series of interviews with Ridgway that will begin airing tomorrow morning.

It took Harger a while to get access to the Green River Killer. He says he met a former Air Force criminal investigator named Rob Fitzgerald who spends his time independently locating additional Ridgway victims. Fitzgerald told Harger that he regularly speaks with Ridgway. Harger was able to gain the confidence of Fitzgerald and then started receiving calls from Ridgway.

Harger describes Ridgway as disarmingly casual about killing his victims. He also says that Ridgway claims that there are actually 85 victims in total. Ridgway says he would like to assist authorities in locating additional bodies. He says that during the investigation in 2003 he was inside the back of a van and that he’d be more effective if he were able to walk around.

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