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VIDEO: Teen Gives Birth on Street?

Earlier this month we brought you a feature called Where People are Leaving their Dead Infants 2013. This week we bring you a disturbing video that shows a Turkish teen being helped down the street by her parents, seemingly giving birth on the sidewalk and pausing only a moment to look before leaving the newborn there. Luckily this baby lived.

A youth and two other passersby quickly call for police and ambulance. The young mother reportedly told police that the baby just fell out and she thought it was a clot. The parents reportedly said they did not know their daughter was even pregnant. Police, who noted that the umbilical cord has already been cut and tied up, think the baby was born earlier in the evening.

The walk may have been just a pretense for dumping the unwanted child.

The baby is reportedly in good health. Though the infant’s family has been identified, the baby is most likely going to be transferred to the custody of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency.

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