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Nearly Toothless Man Convicted of Biting off Neighbor’s Penis

Noise complaints can get so ugly. A recent case in Dover, Kent, in England is no exception. Jason Martin, 41, seems to have received a text from his neighbor’s partner telling him to turn down the music on his XBox. Insulted, he naturally he went over to the neighbor’s to complaint about the complaint. Things went south pretty quickly from there.

Map of south east England with Dover locator

Map of south east England with Dover locator

The exchange became heated, and escalated after neighbor Richard Henderson, 39, allegedly made a crack about Martin’s being some kind of druggie. Martin claims that he was punched first and then put in a headlock before being kicked by a barefoot, pajama-wearing Henderson, who then tried to “ram my head into a metal staircase.”

According to Prosecutor Mary Jacobson, when Martin confronted Henderson, “A verbal altercation ensued, which culminated in the defendant reaching around Mr. Henderson’s back with one hand and grabbing him by the crotch — his penis and testicles — with the other hand and then pulling Mr. Henderson out of his doorway. Once out of the flat a scuffle ensued during which the defendant pushed Mr. Henderson against a wall, stooped down and bit into and gnawed at, Mr. Henderson’s penis.’ She added that, “A female neighbor came out and saw the defendant with his face at Mr Henderson’s crotch and tried without success to pull the defendant off him.”

Henderson said that Martin clamped down on his crotch “like it was a sandwich,” severing Henderson’s penis and leaving him bleeding and in agony, “My willy was not attached to the rest of my body…I have never experienced that kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to experience it ever again,” Henderson later told the media.

When police found Martin he reportedly still had blood around his mouth, which he claimed was a fat lip from having been punched, though admitted to having grabbed Henderson’s “bits and bobs” during the altercation. At his trial Martin again conceded that he had grabbed Henderson, saying, “I accept that I did grab his testicles, not maliciously or to hurt him badly.” He added,  ”The thought of putting a man’s penis in my mouth. Well it’s not for me. Not a million years would I do it.”

Plus, he argued, “I have only got a couple of teeth in the lower part of my mouth…I can’t even bite into a hard-boiled egg!” Jurors, who were shown photos of the wound after being warned “They don’t make pleasant viewing!” found Martin guilty of wounding Henderson.

Surgeons successfully reattached Henderson’s penis, though the surgery reportedly required sutures both on the inside and outside of the wound. Martin is scheduled to be sentenced in October 2013.

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