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Romanian Teen’s Necrophile Killer May be Serial Killer

Lavinia Simona Ailoaiei

Lavinia Simona Ailoaiei

Newly discovered videos lead investigators to believe that what they thought was probably a sex romp gone horribly wrong, may have actually been premeditated murder by an opportunistic necrophile, a that they now suspect may be a serial killer.

Police in Italy are investigating the murder of Romanian national Lavinia Simona Ailoaiei, 18, after her corpse was found on a farm in Lodi, Lombardy. She was found with zip ties around her neck and clad only in a towel from Lombardy’s Moon motel. Investigators went to the motel, located in Busto Arsizio, north of Milan, and soon found that she had met seemingly mild-mannered accountant Andrea Pizzocolo, 41, there the night before. The two had reportedly met on the Internet and had gone to the same hotel on September 4, 2013, in celebration of her 18th birthday.

Ailoaiei and Pizzocolo met there for the second and last time on September 6. Based on a statement made by Pizzocolo early on in the case, police speculated that Ailoaiei had been killed accidentally in an extreme sex game gone wrong. They arrested Pizzocolo, father of a girl, 5, at his home the next day. According to La Republica, Pizzocolo told police that he “lost his mind” when Ailoaiei was accidentally killed during the sex game in which he was strangling her with plastic ties around her neck. He said that she began to gasp for air, that he couldn’t loosen the ties in time and that she died right there. Since police already had foudn blood and hair traces in the motel room, Pizzocolo was arrested for murder.

The investigation, however, it seems is far from over, and the crime much more disturbing.

At least two sex tapes found in his car would seem to contradict Pizzocolo’s statements to police, indicating rather, that the murder was premeditated. One video showed her death, and according to, made it clear that Ailoaiei was bound and strangled with zip ties against her will.

The other showed Pizzocolo having sex with her dead body at another hotel. It seems that after the murder Pizzocolo checked out and took her body to the motel Silk in Lodi where, after checking in around 5 p.m. the same day, he snuck her body through the lobby to the room with no one the wiser. There police determined that he filmed himself having sex with the corpse before discarding her body in the corn field. He now also faces charges of obscene acts with a corpse.

A search of Pizzocolo’s home in Arese turned up hundreds of homemade snuff films depicting acts of violence against women, who were beaten and bound. Now police believe that other young girls, immigrants like Ailoaiei without friends or family, may have suffered her fate, and that they may have caught a serial killer.

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