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Kazakh Kills Attacking Wolf With Bare Hands, Rushes Himself to Hospital

A grey wolf.

Nope, not Cujo, just a grey wolf.

On September 5, 2013, former police officer, Daulet Tuyeshiev of Zhetybai, Kazakhstan, was outside examining his vehicle in the oil town of Zhetybai, population 13,000, on the desolate Central Asian steppe, when he was attacked by what he initially thought was a dog. It jumped on his back and started biting him on his back and limbs.

Tuyeshiev told the newspaper, “First I thought it was a dog, but then, during the skirmish, I understood I was fighting a wolf.” Once he realized what was happening Tuyeshiev got the animal around the neck and strangled it to death with his bare hands.

Tuyeshiev rushed himself to a hospital while the town elders burned the wolf carcass.

Let’s take a moment to put this in perspective. Often called nature’s perfect predator, a fully grown wolf can weigh anywhere from 85 too 100 pounds, they can be anywhere from 41 to 63 inches long (about a third of that is tail) and stand nearly a yard tall. In an attack one of these predators usually jumps the target from the rear or side and starts biting chunks out of it. Each bite wound can be anywhere from 4-6 inches long. It only takes about three bites to take down and bleed out a large, healthy deer in minutes.

So: He killed it with his bare hands and rushed himself to the hospital.

Apparently wolves are not an uncommon problem for the people of the steppe, nor is having to fight one off with your hands. According to RIA Novosti, in November 2012 a 56-year-old woman, Aishat Maksudova, was attacked by a wolf and she too successfully fought it off with her bare hands. Maksudova was finally able to get her hands on an axe that she used finish the animal off.

So it seems that the lesson here for predators of all types is: Do not mess with the people of the steppe.

That being said, wild animals who value their lives should also steer clear of Canadians gardening, not only because they take such pride in their gardens, but also because it seems that they will fight fiercely defending them with whatever is at hand.

On September 8 a mountain lion made such a mistake. An unnamed woman, 60, was doing some gardening behind a remote cabin on the west coast of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island when she was jumped from behind by a mountain lion. Her common law partner heard the screams and rushed out, successfully fighting off the wild animal by stabbing it repeatedly with a spear.

The woman was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition, but was later upgraded to stable condition, which is more than can be said for the cougar. It was found dead from multiple stab wounds in the nearby brush the next morning. Authorities retrieved the carcass for a necropsy to determine why it attacked the woman.

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