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Video Confession Guy Goes Against his Word, Pleads NOT GUILTY

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle, 22, went back on his word today. You’ll recall that this is the man who made an emotional Youtube video promising to plead guilty and take his punishment for killing a man when he drove drunk on the wrong side of the road in Ohio.

Cordle made the promise, via web site, to take full responsibility for his actions. But he didn’t do that today in court, as you can see from the video below on Youtube.

Cordle’s attorneys likely balked when Judge Julie Lynch said she didn’t know exactly how she would sentence Cordle. Without knowing the sentence,┬áCordle didn’t go forward with a guilty plea at his first appearance yesterday and wasn’t arraigned. Today he entered a not guilty plea and a new judge will likely handle the next hearing, on September 18th, when Cordle is expected to enter the guilty plea.

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