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Man Calls 911 After Prostitute Refuses to Make Change

Homelife Hotel, Evansville, IN

A  guy and his buddy called 911 after a prostitute took $200 and pushed them out of an Evansville, IN hotel room.

They expected some change, they explained to the 911 operator, but the escort wasn’t entertaining that notion.

“I gave her almost $200 because I didn’t have no change. I said I want my money back and she said no,” the caller told 911.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal or not cause it was my first time and whatever sh** like that.  It was on the internet, so I didn’t know if it was legal or not,” the caller said, according to a local news source.

It was apparently the first time the guys had hired a prostitute, so they didn’t know the rules.

For the record, one rule is that prostitutes don’t make change. Another rule is that when the prostitute pushes you out of the room, don’t call the cops for assistance getting back in there. And the overarching rule is the rule of law which still makes hiring a prostitute illegal everywhere in the US state except in some rural counties of the state of Nevada.

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