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Video Confession Guy Charged with Homicide

Matthew Cordle

Last week we told you about Matthew Cordle and his breathless internet video confession to killing a man with his car while driving drunk on the wrong side of the highway in Ohio. Well, apparently prosecutors were not moved by the video because they, aided by a Grand Jury indictment, will be going after Cordle with an aggravated vehicular homicide charge, which can carry up to an eight and a half year sentence. Cordle was indicted today.

Prosecutors said last week that they knew Cordle was their guy and that they were going after him with or without the confession.

Here’s the confession, which Cordle posted on Youtube and a non-profit website called, which asks people to write their promises down and then proports to hold them to their promise. Cordle’s promise is that he will plead guilty to the charges.

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