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Kid ‘Grounded Forever’ for Smoking Pot in Bedroom

In a new infraction to the definition of privacy, a Youtube audio file depicts two parents reacting to pot smoke in their son’s bedroom and then and reprimanding him the way only a pair of loving parents can.

The words and tone chosen are the kind that cannot be written or rehearsed. At first the kid denies the allegation, asking in a voice that SOUNDS high, “Do I look high?”

The confrontation escalates from there: “Why are you smoking pot? Why?” “Don’t smoke pot in our house.”

Followed by the inevitable,
“You are grounded…forever.”

This was followed by giggles from the audience overhearing the confrontation on on groupchat software Teamspeak, which was recording the entire interaction without the parents’ knowledge. And that recording, of course, was immediately posted on Youtube and Liveleak.

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