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First Date Ends in Police Chase, Arrest

Today the English press reported a new low in Internet dating. It seems that a couple that met on was having a first date when they reached an impasse: She did not want to split the tab. What happened next probably dealt a lethal blow to what might have otherwise blossomed into a promising romance.

He stole her phone — allegedly. Yup. Kishore Nimmala, 32, of London, England, met Fakhara Sultana for the first time at the Ruby Blue, a bar in Leicester Square, for drinks in February 2013. The date seems to have gone well enough until they got the tab, which was £54 for two rounds of drinks (about US$85). Nimmala was unpleasantly surprised to discover that Sultana, who said she had no money, thought that the man should pay on the first date.

Sultana on the other hand was unpleasantly surprised to discover that her possible new romantic flame wanted to go Dutch. Let’s face it, we’re not all Gloria Steinem. Though both parties were disappointed, Nimmala seems to have wanted some sort of reckoning for his trouble. When he got angry, she cut the date short.

Nimmala followed her after she left the bar, and continued asking her for the money for her part of the tab. When Sultana  pulled out her smartphone to make a call, he reportedly grabbed it and took off. She called out for help and ran after him with two police officers who had heard her. They caught up with Nimmala, who had already ditched the phone. He was taken into custody and charged with theft.

At his trial this month Nimmala denied the theft. His lawyer told the judge, “This is about a first date that goes very badly wrong. The issue is, did he intend to permanently deprive her of her phone.” The lawyer contends that this was not Nimmala’s intention. Rather, he planned to hold it for ransom until Sultana paid up. Charming.

The trial is ongoing.

We assume the dating is not.

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