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30-Day Rape Sentence for Montana Teacher Will Be Extended

Judge G. Todd Baugh

A Montana teacher who was sentenced to an effective 30 days in jail for the rape of one of his underage students will face a longer sentence. Judge G. Todd Baugh cited his own 20-year sentence with a 20-year suspension — netting out to the 30 day sentence — as “illegal,” which allowed prosecutors to appeal. Stacey Dean Rambold, 54, will appear in court again Friday to receive a new sentence.

Upon hearing the initial sentence and the judge’s words, the girl’s mother, Auliea Hanlon stormed out of the courtroom repeatedly screaming ”You people suck!”

The case was brought to national attention last week because of the language Baugh used to describe the case, at one point saying 14-year-old victim Cherice Morales was “in as much in control of the situation” as Rambold. The judge’s language about the victim sparked protests outside the Yellowstone County courthouse calling for his resignation.

Judge Baugh apologized last week for his words, calling himself a “fumbling idiot” for the mistake.

Morales committed suicide in 2010. Her mother told media that the girls’ suicide was related to the case.

30-Day Rape Sentence Judge Apologizes for “Fumbling Around”

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