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Massachusettes Man Smashes Windshield with his Butt

A smashed windshield, not Carideo's.

A smashed windshield, not Carideo's.

Tom Carideo was driving by the  North Coast Music Festival in Chicago’s  Union Park at about 8:10 p.m. on September 1, 2013, when he saw a naked man comically running around in circles, “This guy was literally running in circles naked as the day he was born” Carideo later told the press.

Carideo found the man’s behavior amusing at first, and laughed, that is, until the man saw him and ran at his car, “Then he looks at my car and goes into a full-out sprint and jumps, landing ass first on the right side of my windshield and shatters it.” Picture a naked guy doing a cannonball into a car windshield. That’s when it went from funny to scary.

Carideo, who was lucky enough to have some hockey sticks in the car, grabbed them and prepared to fend off his attacker, who was by now bleeding from lacerations on his posterior. Carideo called 911, watching the naked man from inside his vehicle as he waited for police to respond.

By the time police arrived, the naked man, who turned out to have been Sam Schauer, 22, just visiting the Windy City from Auburndale, Massachusetts, danced in a nearby intersection for a while, before diving into a puddle and drinking the water.

When police arrived, Carideo pointed Schauer out for them. At first Schauer reportedly tried to run from them, but then tried to run at them despite being warned about being tased. Carideo later told the Chicago Tribune, “They warned him about three times, he tried to run away and then at them. That’s when they Tasered him.”

Schauer reportedly had to be tased twice before police could get cuffs on his ankles and wrists. He was arrested for reckless damage to property, resisting/obstructing police, reckless conduct, aggravated assault and public indecency. Police retrieved his discarded pants from a flower bed a few blocks away. Then they carted a bloody, naked Schauer off to the ER to have all the glass removed from his behind.

Investigators belived that hallucinogenic drugs were a factor in this crime.

Schauer’s family back east has reportedly refused to comment.

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