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Convicted Rapist Collapsed When Told Victim Was HIV Positive

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas, 27, was accused of breaking into the apartment of a woman he knew, a woman he knew had health problems, though he probably never gave it much thought, and of raping her in her bed while she slept. The victim had apparently taken a sleeping pill earlier and woke up during the July 20, 2013, assault, which reportedly left her “distressed and anxious.”

Thomas, who claims to have a history of drug and alcohol problems, has been shunned by family, and is now facing a five-year and four-month separation from his partner and children. According to police Thomas said, “…he had been drinking heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy and could not recall the incident.”

He may however recall that moment police told him in an interview that his victim was HIV positive — or maybe not, because he reportedly collapsed at the news. ‘It is his own fault; if he had not committed this offence he would not have placed himself in this position.’ His barrister, Virginia Hayton, reportedly told the court.

Thomas will not have the results of his HIV test until September 6, which has left him distressed and anxious.

Hayton told the court that Thomas is “remorseful.”

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