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Admitted Pedophile Arrested After ‘Horrible’ Craigslist Post

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Sometimes it takes a major investigation to catch a pedophile.

Other times, a man will allegedly post a picture of a child to Craigslist, claim the two have sex, and bring the cops to his door.

On Friday, police arrested 45-year-old Michael Leory Moore of Portland, Oregon, for possession of child pornography. They only found him after a woman browsing the site’s “casual encounters” section saw his post and reported it to police.

“He talked about wearing her underwear,” Shiloh Phelps told Fox 12 Oregon. She added that the post’s author declared that ”when mommy left, things would happen and how she loved it.”

“It was just horrible,” Phelps said.

The FBI found the Internet protocol (IP) address and Yahoo email address used to create that Craigslist post, which traced back to Moore. That same address was used to upload a single photo of two naked children to a Facebook page, they said, according to Oregon Live.

By the time agents raided his house, Moore had moved out, but cops found a three-ring binder of child porn in the garage. That was enough to warrant his arrest.

By    Kevin Collier | Illustration by Jason Reed

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