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Man Sentenced for Spiking Office Coffee Pot with Meth

Hey! You know when you just really need to wake up and get moving and everyone around you is a bunch of slowpoke jerks and they’re accusing you of being on drugs and you really are on drugs but it doesn’t matter because you feel fantastic and then suddenly you have the best idea you’ve ever had?

Craig Charles Benedict knows. Last February, he put meth in the coffee pot at his mom’s Billings, Montana, tax business where he worked after another employee suggested (the nerve!) that he should take a drug test. According to authorities, at least seven employees and possibly four customers drank the joltin’ joe. One employee said she felt “unusually jittery” and another, a recovering drug addict, said she noticed herself feeling familiarly high after her morning coffee. An employee called police after Benedict allegedly bragged to his mom/boss about what he had done.

This week, Benedict, 36, was sentenced to mandatory drug treatment and five years in state custody for criminal endangerment. At his sentencing, Benedict apologized for his actions, although, he claims, he doesn’t remember spiking the coffee pot because he “was on drugs” at the time.

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