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Lesbian Love Triangle Leaves Brandy Stevens-Rosine Dead

Ashley Barber (left) Jade Olmstead (right)

20-year-old Ashley Marie Barber and Nichole “Jade” Olmstead, 19, will face trial in Pennsylvania for the brutal murder of Brandy Stevens-Rosine, also 20.

Olmstead and Stevens-Rosine were lovers before Olmstead left and began to date Barber. But Stevens-Rosine apparently wasn’t over Olmstead, according to a local newspaper. She was a positive and supportive young woman, according to friends. So why on May 17th, 2012, Stevens-Rosine was lured over to the house where Barber and Olmstead were staying and ended up being murdered isn’t exactly clear. What happened from that point though is positively graphic and horrifying.

Before Stevens-Rosine even showed up, Barber and Olmstead busied themselves by digging her a shallow grave in the woods near the yard, according to preliminary police testimony.

Barber and Olmstead have given police statements describing the events of the evening as follows: After luring her over their Cochranton, PA residence, the couple sprang upon Stevens-Rosine, brutally attacking her with fists and kicks. An autopsy revealed that she had been hit all over her body by a variety of objects. Barber and Olmstead state that they then tied Stevens-Rosine up and bashed her head with a shovel. The shovel-beating was so violent and savage that her brains were protruding from her skull and actually visible to Barber and Olmstead, they said.

But the attack didn’t end there. Barber and Olmstead beat her head against a stump and Barber actually hurt herself when she used her head to bash Stevens-Rosine. Then they threw their victim’s body into the shallow grave they prepared. It was then that Barber noticed that Stevens-Rosine was still breathing. They poured water on her and into her nostrils and then began to dump shovels of earth into the grave. It was actually that dirt in the grave, which blocked her airway, that killed Stevens-Rosine, according to the autopsy. She was literally buried alive.

A PA judge has declared Barber competent to stand trial

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