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Phoenix Man Accused of Hit and Run Allegedly Drank 30 Beers

Guadalupe Castaneda

Guadalupe Castaneda

A Phoenix, Arizona, man accused of stealing a car, and hitting two pedestrians, one pregnant, allegedly told cops he had been in a nearby bar, where he drank 30 beers in the hours prior to the incident. The mind boggles.

Guadalupe Castaneda, 25, allegedly exited the Bukkanas bar around 2:30 a.m. on the morning of August 25, 2013, and stole a 2010 Dodge Charger that had been left running by its owner, who was busy buying tacos from a nearby taco vendor.

According to police, Castaneda jumped into the car, hit the gas, sideswiped a man at the taco stand and hit two women. One was a 17 year old, who was four months pregnant. Castaneda did not stop. He later told police he thought he had hit a garbage can.

He next hit a parked car injuring one of the passengers, and still did not stop. Finally, after a chase, police caught up with him and pulled him over. Castaneda apparently could not explain why he had taken the car. He refused a breathalyzer test, and was arrested for assault, endangerment, theft, unlawful flight from law enforcement, and aggravated DUI. His blood was drawn for alcohol testing but the results have not been released.

Of those hit, most had minor injuries, but the pregnant teen had both arms and legs broken, along with several ribs, as well as bruised lungs. The fetus, who was in critical condition, is reportedly now in stable condition.

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