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Mesa Man Strips, Sprays Self With Bug Spray to Throw off K-9

Raymond Collier

Raymond Collier

Some say there’s no way to throw off a well-trained tracking dog. Others point to wading in streams and using pepper spray. Whatever your preferred method of evading capture by police, we could all learn a lesson from the arrest of Raymond Collier, who tried to throw off a dog that wasn’t there.

It seems that Raymond Collier, 20, was trespassing two days in a row at a condominium complex in Mesa, Ariz. The manager called police and the condo owner, who confirmed that the unit should not have been occupied. Police used the owner’s key to gain entry where they found a naked Collier, covered in pesticide, presumably hiding.

According to the police report, “He was covered in Off bug spray and was completely naked. He also appeared to have covered himself with Raid. Later he stated he did this to throw off the PD canine, so the dog would not smell him.”

Good thinking — except for the fact that there was no police dog. According to the probable cause statement, drugs may have been a factor.

Collier was arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to the Maricopa County jail.

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