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The Beautiful Place in Every Prison

Artist Alyse Emdur has published a book of photographs from prisoners depicting families posed in front of backdrops found on many prison visitation room walls. Ms. Emdur was inspired by a background wall depicting a tropical sunset in the prison where her brother was incarcerated for a drug crime, the NY Times writes. Originally she set out to travel around the country photographing the walls, but realized that the photos with prisoners and their families posing in front of the walls showed their true utility and purpose. So she began contacting prisoners to ask for their photos in front of these walls. Naturally, as the Crime Library has always known well, the prisoners responded. Check out the NY Times gallery here.

If you like Emdur’s work, be sure to check out  artist David Adler’s documentary exhibition exhibiting images form prison backgrounds which are sometimes painted by prisoners; he’s exhibited at the Eastern State Penitentiary museum.

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