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‘It’s Not a Crime to Giggle.’ Or is it?

Photo of the name band on Drabot's wrists from the arrest

Photo of the name band on Drabot's wrists from the arrest

If you miss middle school, your best bet would be to attend a City Council meeting in East Point, Ga. There, a man was kicked out and given detention arrested for giggling.

Apparently, the Mayor walked out before the meeting was adjourned and everyone laughed. Then the Mayor Pro Tem presiding over the meeting warned everyone to shush, and City Council clown Dustin Drabot kept on snickering. According to what Drabot told WSBTV, he doesn’t “even remember” laughing, but if he did laugh, it was a “‘Huh, hahaha’ under [his] breath.” So while Drabot is shouting “did not!,” Mayor Pro Tem Marcel Reed says “did too!,” accusing Drabot of heckling and being disruptive. And just like in sixth grade, authority won and Drabot was removed from the meeting room and arrested. According to WSBTV, he managed to damage a wall and break two cops’ glasses on his way out.

According to Drabot’s public Facebook page, he was unfairly singled out among a group of people who were all laughing. He also claims police used too much force when escorting him out of the room. Along with a photo of the name band put on his wrist following his arrest, Drabot posted, “I’ve been profiled and singled out by several politicians I’ve been outspokenly critical of. I was raised to stand up for what is right and what I believe in, if that leads to a little civil disobedience so be it.”


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