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Chinese ‘Ghostbuster’ Performs Exorcism with his Penis

Self-proclaimed “ghostbuster” Huang Jianjun of Guangzhou in China’s Guangdong Province, was arrested after allegedly performing an exorcism on a young woman’s vagina with his penis.

The woman, A. Xin, reportedly called police the day after she gave Huang 20,000 yuan, about $2,000, to make her boss at the spice shop where she worked fall in love with her.

Huang, conveniently enough, had arranged to meet her in a hotel room. He allegedly had her strip naked and lie on the bed for a “spiritual” examination. She told police that Huang’s diagnosis was that she had a haunted vagina; that that there were ghosts in her vagina preventing her boss from falling in love with her.

Huang then explained, very convincingly it would seem, that vagina ghosts can only be removed by a penis (and we’re guessing that it had to be his penis, but the reports don’t go into details). The woman agreed to have sex with him, but had second-thoughts about the whole thing the next day. Maybe her boss didn’t fall in love with her right away, maybe the sex therapy didn’t work, or maybe her boss’ penis was haunted too. Alas, we will probably never know.

In any case Huang, who is in custody awaiting trial, reportedly confided in a co-worker that he had sacrificed his own virginity to help the woman. Meanwhile he told police that he hadn’t been able to have an erection in years due to his being a diabetic. We’re guessing neither statement will help his case very much.

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