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Sex Offender Arrested for Skinning Raccoon

Kevin Burroughs

Kevin Burroughs

When we hear of a sex offender committing a crime, we tend to assume the crime is a sex offense. California sex offender Kevin Burroughs broke the mold Monday when he was allegedly caught red-handed skinning a raccoon near a busy street in South Lake Tahoe.

Don’t worry, though. After Burroughs, 37, was arrested, he was slapped with a few sex offender-style charges in addition to a charge of unlawfully possessing an animal. When police approached Burroughs, he reportedly took off running, right towards St. Theresa’s school and then through the baseball field of South Tahoe Middle School, which resulted in a charge of being a sex registrant on school grounds. He was also charged with failing to register as a sex offender, being a parolee at large and resisting arrests.

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