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Joseph Naso Convicted of California’s Double Initial Murders

Joseph Naso

Joseph Naso

Accused serial killer Joseph Naso was convicted of four murders in Marin County Superior Court on August 20, 2013. It took the jury of six men and six women about 8 hours of deliberation to convict Naso, 79, of killing Roxene Roggasch, Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons and Tracy Tafoya. The women were all victims in what have been called California’s Double Initial Murders.

Naso was arrested in 2010 after a visit by probation officers in Reno, Nevada, in connection with an unrelated gun conviction. On entering his home they found photos of what appeared to be dead or unconscious women in bondage poseswith lingerie and mannequin parts. Naso also had a handwritten “List of 10” that prosecutors have called his “dump list.” They believe it describes ten murder victims and where their bodies were dumped, including the four for which Naso was convicted yesterday. Naso was not arrested for those murders until 2011.

Naso has maintained his innocence throughout the process, and has been representing himself in court. Even though he has been convicted, the investigation is far from over. Police believe he may be connected to several other murders on two coasts: Naso is also a suspect in New York State’s Alphabet Murders, which were committed in the early 1970s, though no charges have been filed.

Naso faces the death penalty, though his execution is unlikely given that California is revising its execution procedures, and that there are 725 guys in line for death ahead of him.

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