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Burglary Suspects Ran Out of Gas

Cody Andel (left) and Herman Ephran

Cody Andel (left) and Herman Ephran

Investigators in Fort Bend County Texas arrested two men they say robbed a storage shed and were immediately stranded when their getaway car ran out of gas only 100 yards away from the scene of the crime.

Local resident Phil Janda commented, ”Yeah, well it didn’t look like they had a very good plan.” Their Plan B was even worse.

Police arrested and charged Cody Andel, 24, and Herman Ephran, 36, with burglary of a habitation after finding them stranded in the road, out of gas, with a carload of allegedly stolen loot at about 3 a.m. on August 20, 2013. Residents of the rural neighborhood called 911 after they were awakened by dogs barking and the sounds of the suspects knocking on doors with a gas can asking if anyone had any gas to spare. The gas can? Also stolen, according to police.

When deputies arrived the men were standing next to their vehicle. They questioned the pair after finding “lawn equipment, fuel cans and an air vac” in the car. The suspects, who both have priors, responded that they were out cutting grass, but according to Capt. James Burger “The story of cutting grass at 3 am didn’t really fit.” Residents were asked to check their properties to see if anything was missing or had been broken into, which led police to the storage shed. The men were arrested and held pending an arraignment scheduled for August 21.

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