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New Hampshire Woman Calls 911, Asks for a Pen

Jeanie Defresne

Jeanie Defresne

People have called 911 for all kinds of crazy reasons, from looking for a free ride, to complaining about a restaurant, to scaring their children. Most recently a woman was arrested for making a frivolous 911 call asking for a pen. The fact that she had made 10 similarly frivolous 911 calls during the previous month did not help her case.

On August 18, 2013, Jeanie Defresne of Hookset, New Hampshire, seems to have made the pointless 911 call that crossed the line: She called asking for a pen, “I just want a simple thing,” she reportedly told Hooksett Police, “A pen.”

Unsurprisingly the dispatcher was stunned, “You want a pen?” he reportedly responded. “You dialed 911 because you want a pen? You do realize that it’s definitely not an emergency. You’re dialing 911, you are tying up a 911 line, so you’re tying up people who actually have emergencies because you need a pen.”

Police did respond to Dufresne’s request and then they arrested her for misuse of 911. She was arraigned the next day and is being held in lieu of $5,000 cash bail. The reasons for the other 10 calls have not been released, but in at least this case, alcohol was a factor.

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