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Police: Man Who Decapitated Roommate ‘Got A Little Carried Away’

From left: Gerald Longo, Scott Tobiassen

From left: Gerald Longo, Scott Tobiassen

Florida men Scott Tobiassen and Gerard Longo had a volatile friendship. They met in January 2011. By June Longo had snapped Tobiassen’s sunglasses in two, and Tobiassen had been arrested for punching him. The next week Longo filed for a restraining order. Why they ever became roommates is unknown, but we do know that it ended tragically.

According to the court documents from 2011, Longo, 48, held that Tobiassen, 49, was violent, owned lots of bladed weapons which he kept honed to sharp perfection. That Tobiassen frequently showed off those weapons by shaving his legs with them, which in this writer’s opinion is not just a little disturbing. Longo described Tobiassen as violent and always trying to appear “bad,” often boasting of his fighting prowess. The protection order was denied for insufficient evidence. The two men must’ve patched things up, because, inexplicably, soon after, Tobiassen moved in with Longo and Longo’s grandmother.

Things came to a head again, and for the last time, on August 13, 2013. Police first became aware of Longo’s murder when they got a call from Tobiassen’s friend. They arrived at the apartment to find Tobiassen covered in blood, and carrying a bag that on inspection was shown to contain his now-ex-roommate’s severed head. He reportedly asked for a lawyer and said, “things just got a little carried away today.”

The woman who called police told them that said she had gotten a call from an emotional Tobiassen, who said he was so upset over losing his job over a failed drug test that he beat Longo in the head with a metal pipe and stabbed him to death. The friend, who thought it was a joke, went to the apartment where Tobiassen showed her the body allegedly saying, “Can you believe I did this? He deserved it.” The grandmother was unharmed.

Tobiassen also reportedly told her “What I did was murder and now that you know about it you are an accomplice,” in an effort to keep her quiet while he disposed of the remains. He told her he planned to kill himself after that.

Tobiassen was arrested for murder and held without bail. He pleaded not guilty.

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