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Spurned Lover Attacked Woman in University Class with Axe, Killed Self

Akash Kumar, inset: Roshni Gupta

Akash Kumar, inset: Roshni Gupta

A case of unrequited love in India ended in a bloody campus assault and suicide when a male student entered a classroom armed with an axe, a knife, poison and a pistol, singled out the female student, who he felt had snubbed him, attacked her with the axe and then slit his own throat.

On July 31, 2013, Akash Kumar, 23, walked into a classroom at Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi, India, carrying a homemade gun, an axe, a knife and a vial of rat poison, and asked Roshni Gupta, 22, to go outside with him. When she refused, he reportedly tried to shoot her with the pistol, which misfired. He then attacked her with the axe in in front of the other shocked students, bashing her in the head with it five times. Before anyone could react, he swallowed the poison and slit his own throat with the knife; he threw himself on her injured body. This all happened in two-minutes time.

Akash was reportedly obsessed with Roshni and had been for years. Police found a four-page note he had left expressing his anger at her for refusing to be in a relationship with him.

Akash was pronounced dead later at a local hospital, while Roshni fought for her life and miraculously survived. She underwent multiple surgeries in the first 12 hours to repair damage caused by the axe and to remove a clot. Roshni regained consciousness the next day, but it was soon clear that she was suffering from amnesia. Roshni has no recollection of the attack and only recognizes family. She doesn’t talk much and is extremely disoriented. Doctors say her road to recovery will be a long one requiring lots of therapy and counseling along the way.

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