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FBI Continues Israel Keyes Investigation, Releases More Information

In their continuing efforts to solve the riddle of dead serial killer Israel Keyes, investigators for the FBI have continued looking into the leading clues he gave them regarding more victims. According to FBI Anchorage Division Special Agent Jolene Goeden, Keye’s “talked openly about some of the homicides, but much of what he said only hinted at the things he had done. So we are trying to get information out there about what he did tell us.”

Most recently FBI has set up an Israel Keyes Case page on their website that includes, photos, videos, audio and details of Keyes’ movements. Goeden hopes that some seemingly random piece of the released information may jog someone’s memory and lead to some solid leads, “We are letting the public know the types of cars he rented, towns he visited, campgrounds he frequented. Anything that might spur someone’s memory could help us.”

Screen grab of the new FBI page on the Israel Keyes case

Screen grab of the new FBI page on the Israel Keyes case

Israel Keyes, 34, was being held in an Alaska jail in March 2012, in connection with the abduction of missing Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig. He seems to have said little at first, until her body was pulled from a lake near Anchorage in April. Possibly to make himself seem useful to prosecutors while they considered asking for the death penalty, Keyes confessed to being a serial killer, to traveling the country for the previous ten years murdering at random. He gave investigators hints, very few solid details and even fewer names. Then in December he killed himself in his cell before investigators could unravel the truth.

If Keyes was telling the truth, he murdered eight people, but investigators now think that number is more like 11 — or more. Investigator are even looking for victims overseas in Canada, Mexico and Belize where Keyes traveled between 2001 and 2008.

Samantha Koenig. Handout photo.

FBI hopes that their release of the case information will add significantly to what we know at this time:

  • In January 2002, Keyes was cited for driving with a suspended license in Washington State.
  • In April 2009, he robbed a Community Bank branch in Tupper Lake, New York.
  • In 2009 in Vermont Keyes buried a murder kit, a box containing everything he needed to kill and dispose of evidence
  • In 2011 he retreived the box and killed Bill Currier, 50, and Lorraine Currier, 55 in Essex, Vermont
  • After the murders, Keyes reburied the murder kit along with the courier’s gun not far from Vermont’s Winooski River
  • In February 2012 keyes abducted and raped Samantha Koenig, 18, in Anchorage, Alaska; the abduction was caught on video
  • Keyes killed her the next day
  • Keyes went to new Orleans and took a two-week cruise
  • He used Koenig’s ATM card on several occasions and tried to extort $30,000 from her family for her safe return.
  • Keyes dismembered her and dumped her body in Matanuska Lake
  • On March 13, 2012, Keyes was pulled over in Lufkin, Texas, because his rental car looked like one caught on surveillance using Samantha Koenig’s ATM card. The officer found both her card and her cell phone in Keyes’ possession.  Keyes was arrested and extradited to Alaska.
  • On April 2 Smanatha Koenig’s body was found
  • On December 2, 2o12, Keyes was found dead in his cell by his own hand.

Anyone with any information on this case is strongly urged to contact their local FBI field office, to call 1-800-CALL-FBI, or submit an online tip.

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