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Cuffed Man Tries to Pee Out Window of Moving Police Cruiser

Devin Langford

Devin Langford

According to a police report filed on August 8, 2013, police in Indian River County pulled Devin Langford over on suspicion of DUI. The Deputy on the scene, Brian Bell noted that Langford had “red, glassy, and bloodshot eyes,” slurred speech and “a plethora of empty beer cans” in his vehicle.

After Langford failed a series of field sobriety tests, Bell took him into custody and was transporting Langford to jail for observation and testing when, according to the report, Langford told Bell that he had to pee. Bell told him to wait. “Langford asked me if he could urinate in my car,” wrote Bell in the report, “I advised Langford that if he had to urinate in my car I understood.” Langford then tried to pee, saying, “I’m very, very, very sorry I have to pee in the back of your car. I did not want to pee in the back of your car. Trust me.”

That’s when Langford had a bright idea: “Um. I’m gonna try and aim out the window.” That plan was not okay with Deputy Bell, who said “that if he had to go, he could go in his pants.” Langford apologized saying, “Sh*t. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.”

With that said, Langford got on his knees on the seat and proceeded with his idea to pee out the rear passenger-side window (against the deputy’s wishes), while the cruiser was in motion. He failed spectacularly, peeing instead on the passenger seat and the floor of the squad car. Luckily for Langford he did not fall and injure himself in the process. There is no mention in the report of an apology to Bell at this time.

On arrival he told police, “I might be a little drunk, but I’m not a lot of drunk.” Turns out he was drunk enough; Langford blew a .138 and a .141 BAC on the breathalyzer. The legal limit in Florida is .08. Langford was arrested for DUI, processed and held in lieu of a $500 bond.

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