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Man Brags About Being Wanted Criminal to Undercover Cop

William Mavrides

William Mavrides

In our latest edition of How to Get Arrested — Fast we present a Massachusetts man who was so jazzed about being a wanted criminal that he just couldn’t keep it to himself.

On August 8, 2013, William Mavrides, 25, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, was so psyched about his status as a wanted man, wanted by police in Quincy for witness intimidation, larceny, and assault and battery, that he couldn’t help but strike up a conversation with a complete stranger on the train. He told the friendly stranger, who happened to be a plainclothes transit officer, about being a wanted criminal, and that he would probably wind up in jail soon.

He was right. The officer listened to Mavrides until he had heard enough, and arrested him soon after. Mavrides would probably have done better to have shared his wanted-criminal status on Facebook and let the cops come to him.

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