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Hannah Anderson Rescued in Idaho Wilderness

Hannah Anderson

A sharp-eyed retired sheriff’s instincts led to the rescue of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson over the weekend. After coming across her and James Lee DiMaggio on a back-country trail in the Idaho wilderness, 71-year-old  Mark John and his three horse-riding buddies thought something just didn’t seem right. The pair didn’t engage like most do along the hike and they seemed be going in the wrong direction from their stated destination. Plus, their gear was off. Anderson was wearing pajama bottoms and neither had the right footwear.

The four came across DiMaggio and Anderson a second time. Strangely, the foursome didn’t pick up distress signals from Anderson. One of the riders told the press: ”If she was sending us signals that she was in trouble, we didn’t key in on it,”

After returning home, John saw a photo of Anderson and immediately recognized her as the girl they’d seen on the trail. He called the Idaho State Police and told them what he’d seen.

The FBI and police units moved in and waited for Anderson and DiMaggio to separate and then moved in to rescue Anderson. The FBI is saying DiMaggio was killed in shootout, however details of what happened in his last living moments are not being released at this time.

Anderson’s mother and brother were killed in a house fire set by DiMaggio last week.

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