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Lawsuit: Nurse Ripped Out Catheter, Spilt Open Man’s Penis

An Hidalgo County Texas man is suing his home medical care company alleging that a nurse removed his urinary catheter without first deflating it, thereby ripping open his penis.

In the complaint filed by a Mr. Cruz-Ramirez and his wife of Edinburg, Texas, against home medical care company Thank You Nurses, Ramirez, who was receiving home nursing care while recovering from surgery, contends that “Part of this care involved the removal of a catheter device from his penis.” he claims that the “Defendant’s employee negligently failed to properly deflate the device before removal. As a result, when the device was removed from plaintiff’s penis, he suffered grave and serious injury.” Specifically, “In effect, plaintiff’s penis was split open.”

According to Cruz-Ramirez, this “severe laceration of the penis” deprived the plaintiff of “the ability to engage in marital relations,” and left him prone to urinary tract infections (not to mention the initial gut-wrenching agony, but we are just guessing here). Cruz-Ramirez is suing for actual and exemplary (punitive) damages resulting from medical negligence.

Thank You Nurses Limited, which does not seem to have a website, has so far made no comment publicly, though it should be noted that a quick search online about urinary catheters shows that the balloon, which is necessary to keep the cath from falling out, can also refuse to deflate, thereby getting stuck; it’s called “indwelling” and it can be tricky to remove.

It should be further noted that there are tons of official and not-so-official guidelines about how to get one of those pesky suckers out safely, and not one recommends just brassing it out and letting her rip.

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