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Thieves Have Change of Heart, Return Stolen Goods with Apology

A note left by the theives

A note left by the theives

On July 31, 2013, the San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services office was broken into and robbed of several tower computers, monitors as well as a laptop computer.

Police arrived and called the nonprofit’s director, Candy Stallings, who noted when she arrived that, “One of the officers had talked to some transients around the street about what was going on. He was telling them about what we do.”

The next morning the situation seemed to have repeated itself, with the burglars returning. Stallings was summoned again by police regarding suspicious activity in the office at around 4:30 a.m.

When she entered, Stallings found all the stolen items returned, ”All my stuff was in front of the door,” she said. “There was a shopping cart, and there were the PCs that were taken, there was the laptop – everything was there.” According to police the thieves entered through the ceiling that time.

Investigators found the apology stuck in the laptop; it read, “We HAD NO IDEA what we were taking. Here [sic] Your Stuff Back we hope that you guys can Continue to Make A Difference in Peoples [sic] live. GOD Bless.”

Stalling said she was shocked, as were police who had never seen stolen items returned out of remorse, “I was in disbelief, I got chills, I got very emotional.” she reportedly told NBC, before making a copy of the note.

She plans to frame it.

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