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LISTEN: Brave Boy Calls 911 After Mother, Grandmother Murdered

On September 11, 2007, Tracy Burke and her mother, Karen Comer, were murdered in their Kentucky home. The next morning, her terrified but composed 9-year-old son called 911, and in a heartbreaking recording that can be heard below, explained what happened. The boy was unhurt, as were his infant sister and 4-year-old brother.

The following month, police arrested Tracy’s estranged husband, military policeman Brent Burke. He was tried four times, each time ending in a mistrial. After the fourth mistrial, the state dropepd charges against Burke. Because he was still considered an enlisted active duty military member, his case went to a military court. In May 2012, a military panel found Burke guilty of two counts of premeditated murder, as well as charges of breaking and entering and child endangerment.

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