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Man Accused of Blowing Up Family Dog Won’t Face Cruelty Charges

Cabella as a pup. The dog's age at the time of his death was not reported.

Cabella as a pup. The dog's age at the time of his death was not reported.

It turns out that in Washington State strapping explosives to your dog and detonating them does not constitute animal cruelty, that is if you manage to blow the poor creature to smithereens instantly, like Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, of Stevenson reportedly did.

It seems that on August 4 at around 3:45 a.m. Christopher Dillingham’s took time out of his busy schedule preparing for the Rapture — yup, the end of the world — to kill Cabella, the family dog. Neighbors heard an explosion and called police who found Labrador Retriever body parts all over the lawn, including the dog’s decapitated head. Dillingham reportedly made the bomb with black powder gleaned from fireworks, strapped it to Cabella’s neck and detonated it, killing the dog instantly.

Readers will be relieved to know that he seems to have obtained the fireworks legally from his fireworks business.

Christopher Dillingham

Christopher Dillingham

He later allegedly told police that he had given Cabella treats to keep him from wriggling out of the bomb, while Dillingham stood behind a wall and blew up him up. By the time police arrived on the scene Dillingham was throwing furniture out on the lawn, because ”the souls of demons” were in the metal items in his house. Neither of the children in the home were harmed or injured.

Dillimgham was not charged with animal cruelty, because police believe that the animal did not suffer. Thankfully, however, they thought up a slew of other charges to file against Dillingham. He was arrested and charged with second-degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and possession of explosive devices.

A spokesman for police announced Tuesday that Dillingham had had a fight with his daughter, the dog’s owner, and seems to have killed Cabella in retaliation. Also Cabella had been a gift from Dillingham’s ex-girlfriend, whom he claimed had “put the devil in it.” Dillingham is being held on $500,000 bail. Local police called in the ATFE and the metro bomb squad to assist in the investigation.

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