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We Love this Artist’s Photos of Tiny Crime Scenes

Corinne May Botz -- Three-Room Dwelling (baby’s crib)

Corinne May Botz is a New York photographer who has an eye for the unusual, the subtle and the sublime. She also seems to like tiny things. Her latest work, The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death Botz photographs miniature crime scene interiors originally made by Chicago criminologist Frances Glessner Lee in the 1930s and ’40s as tools to teach police detectives about crime scene investigations.

On her website, she writes:

The models display an astounding level of precision and detail: shades can be raised and lowered, mice live in the walls, stereoscopes work, whistles blow and pencils write. My photographs highlight the models’ painstaking detail, as well as the prominence of female victims.

What deductions can you make about the tiny “crimes” committed in each of the scenes? Check out her gallery here.

The Nutshell Studies of Frances Glessner Lee


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