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Police: Girl, 14, Practicing Driving Killed her Whole Family

Aerial view of Shrimp Basin

Aerial view of Shrimp Basin

A family in Texas is being mourned after their oldest daughter, 14, drove the family SUV on July 11, 2013, and plunged the family vehicle into the ocean, killing 5. Monday police announced that she was made to drive the vehicle to overcome her fear of driving. It didn’t work.

According to authorities the teen, sole survivor of the accident, was told to drive by the male in the SUV, Juan Pablo Morales, 56, whose relationship to her was not stated. A witness confirmed the girl’s account that Morales told her to drive to the southern side of the docks because their boat was to be moved there. The accident happened when she got close to the docks’ edge at the South Texas port basin known as Shrimp Basin for the shrimp boats that dock there.

The girl panicked at one crucial point and hit the gas hard instead of the brake, plunging the SUV into the water too quickly for Morales to stop the car or steer out of the way. All she remembers reportedly is someone pulling her out of the vehicle by her hair. The rest of her family was not so lucky.

The accident killed Morales, as well as the terrified teen’s mother, Edith Alvarez, 29, and siblings Jesse Lee Alvarez, 10, Emily R. Espino, 7, and Joe Alvarez, 4. The unnamed teen has not be charged.

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