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Prosecutors: Man Murdered Wife Who Refused him One Last Night of Passion

Kurtis Worley

Kurtis Worley

Kurtis Worley of Addison, Illinois, is under arrest and is currently being held on $3 million bond after prosecutors filed charges that he killed his wife on Friday, when she refused to have sex with him one last time after announcing her plans to divorce.

Kurtis Worley, 33, was facing the end of his marriage after his wife, Martha Worley, 39, recently told him that she planned to file for divorce. Her reason was not reported. According to recorded statements Worley allegedly made to police after his arrest, on the night of July 26, 2013, he had asked his wife to have sex with him one last time. She refused. He reportedly told police that he begged for an hour, and then retreated to the garage to pound some hard alcohol.

When he returned to the bedroom some time later armed with two knives, he allegedly told police that he just stared at his wife’s sleeping form for five minutes before laying into her with the knives, and repeatedly beating her in the head.

Martha Worley’s sons heard her screams and ran to help her, pounding on the bedroom door. They told police that Worley opened the door “naked and looking like a psychopath,” and stabbed the eldest boy in the throat when he tried to enter the bedroom. The eldest son ran to the bathroom to treat his throat wound, while the other armed himself with a kitchen knife and tried unsuccessfully to enter the bedroom. The younger son called 911. Martha Worley was rushed to the emergency room where she died. Her eldest son survived, but will require rehab if he is ever to speak again. Kurtis Worley slit his wrists after the attack on his wife, but survived.

It is unclear how long the couple was married, but they reportedly lived that neighborhood for 11 years and had a daughter, 9. No other information about the children has been released.

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