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The Music of Charles Manson

An often overlooked fact about the infamous Charles Manson is his career as a recording artist. In addition to Manson’s solo songs, the Manson family recorded a two-disc album called The Family Jams, on which Manson himself does not sing but is credited as a writer on every song. Manson continued to record songs in prison and hand them off to outside associates for public release. Below is a song from Manson’s debut album Lie: The Love & Terror Cult. The title and cover art for the album were taken from a December 19, 1969, issue of Time Life magazine, with the word “life” replaced with lie.

Tex Watson’s Tapes May Hold Key to Unsolved Manson Family Murders

Charles Manson: Speaking From Inside

Another song from the same album, titled “Home is Where You’re Happy.”


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