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Warning: Tourists in France Beware of Aggressive Pack of Feral Cats

French authorities are asking tourists to be on their guard after a woman who was walking her dog was knocked to the ground and mauled, nearly to death, by a pride of feral cats.

The woman, 31, was walking her pet poodle in the city of Belfort, in France’s popular Franche-Comte region near the Swiss border, when she was set upon by the cats, who pounced, knocked her down and began to maul her, biting her repeatedly. Of the attack, her mother later told the media, “They jumped on her and managed to knock her over. The feral cats bit her on the leg and on her arms. They even pierced an artery,” a wound which could have proved fatal. Yes, they attacked the dog too.

The woman was rushed to a hospital, where she was treated for her wounds, as well as for rabies. The dog was treated at a veterinary hospital. Both are okay, but a little shell shocked.

Authorities are concerned because there are lots of feral cats in France, an estimated 8,000 born each day. Such cats are considered harmless, and there is no immediate explanation for the attack, though it was apparently really hot that day. Tourists are being warned not to feed or even approach feral cats.

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