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Police: Man Drowned Ducks in Acid

Alexander Clay

Alexander Clay

A man in Norman, Oklahoma, is accused of drowning two neighborhood ducks in muriatic acid after becoming upset with his mother.

Alexander Clay, 22, is sitting in the Cleveland County Jail on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly nabbing two semi-tame, defenseless ducks, a mother and her duckling, from the neighborhood duck pond, taking them home and drowning them in muriatic acid, aka hydrochloric acid, a highly caustic acid that you can buy at any hardware store.

According to police, when Clay’s mother returned home, he threatened her saying that had she been there earlier he would have drowned her in muriatic acid instead of the ducks. It’s a good bet that Clay’s mother summoned police at about that time.

Clay was arrested and jailed. He reportedly did not respond during police questioning.

A spokesman for Norman Police commented on the crime saying, “It’s unique, it’s unusual, it’s disturbing, it’s wrong.”

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