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Police: Man Tricked Walmart Shopper into Letting Him Suck Her Toe

Joey Leaphart

Joey Leaphart

He said it was for a TV show, and that he would pay for her purchases; all she had to do was let him photograph and kiss her foot.

According to the police report, a man approached a young woman, 18, at a Walmart in Grovetown, Georgia, and asked if her toenails were painted. The teen replied that they were, so he said, “I know this sounds crazy, but have you ever heard of America’s funniest home videos?” She said that she had.

The man, whom police have identified as Joey Leaphart, 43, a registered sex offender with a thing for feet, implied that their encounter was for that TV show, and offered to pay up to $100 for her Walmart purchases that day if she played along with him.

When the woman agreed Leaphart allegedly asked if he could photograph her foot, to which she agreed only “reluctantly.”

The victim told police that he then asked, “I know this sounds crazy, but could I kiss your foot?”

The two went behind a clothing rack where Leaphart allegedly dropped to the floor saying, “Don’t worry I don’t bite.” He then allegedly put her big toe in his mouth and started sucking on it.

The victim screamed for him to stop, whereupon he rose, said “Oh, it tasted so good though!” and ran out of the store without paying for her purchases.

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