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WATCH: Handicapped Man Blows Himself Up at Airport

Ji Zhongxing, 34, from Shangdong Province, China, reportedly detonated a package of black powder at the Beijing Capital International Airport in on July 20, 2013, around 6:24 p.m. in protest of  having been allegedly beaten into a coma by urban militia in Dongguan in 2005, allegedly for running an unofficial taxi service with his motor scooter. He was partially paralyzed and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

Ji seems to have been trying to obtain some sort of state assistance for his injuries but, other than his posts on the Internet and the flyers he handed out at the airport, there is thus far no confirmation of his story.

No one Saturday paid any attention either, that is until Ji pulled out the bomb. The explosion occurred just outside the main exit for international arrivals. News sources noted that Ji shouted out a warning before detonating the black powder. He was injured, but survived, and no other injuries were reported.

After the explosion, order was reportedly restored within 90 minutes and no flights were delayed.

Reuters states that Ji would not be the first Chinese protester to resort to blowing things up in order to have personal grievances addressed, and notes that since China is the world’s leader in the production of fireworks and mining, which also uses explosives, gunpowder is not that hard to get.

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