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Police: Family Drove Dead Mom Around in Van Full of Animals

The husband and two sons of Lola Mae Stout are accused of a crime that shocked Phoenix police.

Local Fox affiliate KSAZ reports that husband Alva Stout and sons Alan and Gregory Stout had the body of the 73-year-old woman in a van surrounded by dozens of sickly animals and the accompanying roaches and fleas.

According to one of the men, Lola Mae was alive when they loaded her into the van and still alive when they stopped to get gas in the town of Quartzsite. Her son Alan, however, claims Lola collapset during the pit stop. They put her in the van anyway, he says, and drove 120 miles to Phoenix.

Though the stories are conflicting, what’s certain is that Lola Mae was dead by the time she was discovered. In the van with her were 12 crated dogs, 22 cats and a pigeon, say police, all covered in their own feces and infested with insects.

Most of the animals will have to be put down, the Arizona Humane Society announced in response to the discovery. “We got on scene and it’s not uncommon for our EMTs to respond to hoarding cases in a home. What made this so different was the fact that it was a van filled with dozens and dozens of animals, people, feces, debris, cockroaches, spiders, just something we haven’t seen to that scope in a very, very long time,” said a Humane Society spokesperson.

According to Lola Mae’s son Gary, they were on their way to release the cats and then drop Lola Mae and Alva off at a shelter.

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