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Mom Accused of Sexual Contact With Daughter’s Teenage Ex

Sarah Marie Torres

Sarah Marie Torres

Things have turned sour in Sugar Land. A 33-year-old woman in the sweetly named Houston suburb has been arrested following allegations that she sexually assaulted her teenage daughter’s 14-year-old ex-boyfriend.

According to police, the boy told his family that he had had a sexual relationship with his former flame’s mom, Sarah Marie Torres. The incident in question is alleged to have occurred on May 23 at the boy’s house, the Houston Chronicle reports. Police believe other incidents may have occurred. It’s unclear how the teen made the reported jump from a girl his own age to her mother.

Torres is being held in lieu of $150,000 bond.

This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call Sugar Land Police at (281) 275-2540 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at (281) 342-TIPS (8477).
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