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Wife Charged After Husband Found in Own Filth

A Florida woman is charged with neglect after her disabled husband was discovered in awful condition. According to police, Greg Tillman was found in his own excrement, covered in maggot-infested wounds and weighing just 90 pounds.

His wife, Shatron Tillman, is accused of failing to provide necessary medical care for Greg and letting him deteriorate to such a state. According to neighbors in the Tillmans’ Pinellas Park, Florida, neighborhood, Sharron and Greg were often seen outside doing yardwork, until this winter, when Greg stopped appearing outdoors.

“I wondered what had happened. I used to see him outside cutting his grass, and then nothing,” a neighbor mused. “Sharron was always nice, so I never thought anything of it. I thought maybe they split up, or he moved away.”

It didn’t take long for the outside of the couple’s home to reflect the conditions inside. Local news outlet TWSP reports that piles of garbage, including medical waste such as bags of urine, were piled up under the windows of the Tillmans’ house.

According to police, Greg wasn’t abused, just neglected: “We found medical injuries not from physical abuse, but from a lack of medical attention, and lack of caregiving by the victim’s wife,” said a police spokesperson.

Last fall, a Michigan man was charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult after his obese wife died, allegedly from his neglect. According to police, the 400-pound woman had been bedridden after suffering a crushed pelvis and ruptured bladder as a result of a 2011 auto accident. Since the collision, her husband served as her primary caretaker, but, police say, had neglected Reese-Brooks for eight or nine days prior to her death.

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