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Man Attacked by Toilet Snake in Parents’ Home, Penis Bitten

Last week we brought you the story of a man in London, England, who was attacked by a fox in his home while sitting on the toilet. Today we present the story of an Israeli man who was unlucky enough to have to use his parent’s toilet during “snake season,” though he escaped with his life.

The unnamed victim, 30, a man from central Israel, was reportedly visiting his parents in the northern town of Nofit when on July 12, 2013, he decided to use the facilities, as most guests ultimately do. He was sitting on the john when he felt a burning pain in his penis, only to look between his legs and see the beady little eyes of the reptile that hat just bitten it.

According to the Hadassah Medical Center’s website there are two very important things to do as soon as you are bitten by a snake, “First, the person who’s been bitten must lie down, as still as they can,” and “The affected limb should be splinted.” Our victim chose option 3: He “ran from the room in horror” and to the nearest hospital, Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, according to a Channel 10 report.

Doctors treated the man’s now permanently scarred penis for the snakebite and conducted blood tests to determine if the had been poisoned. It turned out that the snake was not poisonous, but the man was kept in the hospital under observation as a precaution.

It seems that most of the snakes in Israel are not poisonous, but those that are include such baddies as, “the black snake or desert cobra, the horned desert viper, the Palestinian viper which is the most common poisonous snake in Israel, the saw-scaled viper or false horned viper.” Citizens are warned to keep rats and mice out of their houses as well as anything else that might appetize a snake; to secure doors, windows and screens; to minimize brush outside the house, and to fix leaks because snakes are drawn to water. Now people can add Secure Your Toilet to list of things to do during snake season.

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