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Police: Man Tossed Semen on Woman at Walmart

Frank Short

Frank Short

There are reams of books about how to introduce yourself to that sexy stranger, and go from there. Though no dating how-to book explicitly rules out breaking the ice with bodily fluids, common sense would dictate that such a move is more likely to get you booked, than it is to get you her number.

According to the police report, Delaware police arrested Frank J. Short Jr., 22, on July 9, 2013, shortly after being called to a New Castle Walmart for a sexual assault. The Walmart shopper in question identified Short as the man who came up behind her, said “excuse me,” walked past her and speared something wet on her buttocks, thigh and leg. Thinking that short might have spat on her, she looked and saw what she identified for police as a “‘glob’ of semen.” Preliminary testing by police of the substance confirmed the victim’s suspicions. Short then allegedly followed her through the store until she notified employees that she was afraid.

At first Short told police that he was in the store “killing time,” and that since he had a really phlegmy cold some of his mucus might have gotten on her. When police told him that they planned to view the store video, short allegedly confessed that the woman was “hot” and that as he walked by he pretended to “slap her ass.” When the arresting officer told Short that there was no indication that Short had a cold, and that there was enough of the substance on the victim’s leg to test, the hyperventilating Short said up that he had thrown a loogie on her that he had in his hand because he is a “loner” who “basically gets a thrill out of such an act.”

Short was charged with offensive touching of another with bodily fluids, harassment, lewdness and disorderly conduct. He was booked into the Wilmington, Del., jail and later released.

And, no, he did not get her number.

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